It's about People.

Technology will only take you so far. Technology coupled with good processes will take you further. However, at the end of the day people are the ones who build businesses. We’re proud of our people and the work they do with our clients. Great people, coupled with best-of-show technology, working to make mobile an integral part of our clients businesses…Yeah, that’s what we’re about.

Your Brokerage is a technology company. Seriously.

  • Technology companies today don’t sell technology as their product (Think Uber, Groupon, Skype, Amazon).

  • They are using technology to take marketshare away from entrenched providers who chose not to innovate in their given markets.

  • Mobile is a big part of the current technology trend, and we’re here to help you innovate.

Why Dotsignal: Our products are the foundation for a new way to engage

Introducing mobile engagement to an existing technology strategy can often be a daunting task. Today’s devices contain a multitude of capabilities; all of which represent a significant opportunity to innovate.

We work with our clients to combine all that mobile offers – ensuring a consistent consumer experience across all of your marketing channels while also standardizing how your brokerage generates and services prospects.

Let's talk. We're here to help.

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