Representing the mobile initiatives of the most respected brands in real estate.

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DotSignal Real Estate Editions

Dotsignal is the mobile workplace that unites real estate agents, brokerages and lenders to collaborate, prospect and ultimately realize the significant impact mobile can have on their businesses.

This is our mission - to represent the mobile initiatives of the most respected brands in real estate.

Dotsignal Brokerage Edition

Help your agents market their properties and services in the mobile age.

Dotsignal is a single hub that helps the real estate brokerage engage with consumers over the mobile channel, while leveraging the latest in mobile technology to improve lead conversion and workforce accountability.


Provide your brokerages and agents with a mobile platform that plays nicely with your existing technology stack.

Dotsignal Franchise Edition

Dotsignal Franchise edition will provide your leadership with the analytics necessary to measure the ROI of your local marketing budgets while providing the Franchisee with the tools necessary to grow GCI through the latest in mobile marketing. Learn more about how Dotsignal can integrate with your existing technology programs for a unified technology strategy.


Build strong relationships with your local real estate agents and the Brokerages that support them.

Dotsignal Lender Edition

Dotsignal Lender Edition brings the real estate brokerage and lender together in a co-marketing environment that results in a robust consumer experience and the ability to collaborate together on prospects generated from joint marketing campaigns.


Our Solutions

Definitively measure the effectiveness of your marketing budget by combining mobile call-to-actions with your sign, print and digital marketing.



Provide your prospects with a full IDX powered mobile experience that maintains the branding of both your Brokerage and your agent.



When your agents service a prospect - you’ll know about it. No software or additional action from your agents required.



Mobile messaging is personable and non-intrusive, the perfect way to stay engaged with your prospects.



Real estate agents today are the epitome of a mobile workforce. It’s time to simplify the process of communicating with your workforce in real time.



OnPoint by Dotsignal

OnPoint is the first mobile communication platform built for real estate associations. OnPoint allows MLS organizations and real estate associations to quickly communicate with their members via text messaging.


OnPoint by Dotsignal

Enterprise Services

CEO’s question everything. Everyday, they ask themselves - Am I really forming valuable relationships with my consumers in the most efficient way possible? With DS Enterprise, the answer is a resounding yes.

  • Create amazing applications that communicate using a range of unified mobile communication technologies

  • We bring together the power of messaging, conversational IVR, location based services and mobile payments into a single Unified platform.

  • Coupled with a simple yet robust API, the Dotsignal platform is a great way to quickly and easily add enterprise grade mobile communications to your new and legacy applications.


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