Mobile Consumer Engagement


We help businesses engage with consumers with impactful content that go beyond the traditional screens; engaging consumers in the mobile moment - the point when someone uses a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context.

One Unified Platform

  • Create amazing applications that communicate using a range of unified mobile communication technologies.

  • We bring together the power of messaging, conversational IVR, location based services and mobile payments into a single Unified platform.

  • Coupled with a simple yet robust API, the Dotsignal platform is a great way to quickly and easily add enterprise grade mobile communications to your new and legacy applications.

Services & Solutions

Services & Solutions

Introducing mobile engagement to an existing technology strategy can often be a daunting task. Today’s devices contain a multitude of capabilities; all of which represent a significant opportunity to innovate. We work with our clients to combine all that mobile offers, from native applications to mobile messaging, with their broader technology strategy. Mobile is ushering-in a significant shift in consumers behavior. We welcome the opportunity to discusshow mobile is impacting your market.

Client Services: The Full Gamut

Our Client Services team has a singular focus - to work closely with our clients throughout the mobile services integration process.

Client Services: The Full Gamut

We believe mobile is changing the way businesses operate - from the board room to the mail room - and our extreme commitment to top notch client services reflects this belief.

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